Marilyn Monroe photographed by John Florea, 1953

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Jeanne Crain signing autographs for a few teenage fans on the set of Margie, 1946

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Jeanne Crain going over her script while getting her hair styled, C.1940’s

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Jeanne Crain

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Jeanne Crain and Ginger Rogers peeking out of their train car on the way to Miami, Florida, c. 1951.

Omg State Fair is the most adorable movie ever <33

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How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)

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Model in swimsuit by Jantzen

Photographed by Leobruno Bodi in 1955

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Marilyn Monroe, c. 1951.

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   “I think it was terribly unfair. People would say to Larry: ‘You are the greatest actor in the world’ and then they would turn to Vivien and say: ‘You are the most beautiful woman in the world’. They never said those words she longed to hear: ‘You are the greatest actress in the world’. She wasn’t the greatest actress in the world but it’s very difficult to nominate a person who is.
   She was stupendous in her way - as well as being beautiful. She had the temperament. She didn’t always have the vocal power to reach the back of the gallery. But she did develop her voice and she had intelligence. Larry has always had an actor’s intelligence. He could go to the heart of the play, the heart of a part and dig it out. She had to work much harder at it… Vivien didn’t have that instinct. She had to acquire it.” (Maxine Audley)

A rare publicity still of a seventeen year old Veronica Lake in I Wanted Wings (1941)

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Gregory Peck on the set of To Kill a Mockingbird, 1962.

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